IL Solutions has launched the world’s first daily backed up cloud-based storage solution for Long-Term Video Hosting (LTVH) of CCTV video data.

This unique technology enables organizations to back up all their surveillance cameras data for an unlimited time on a daily basis, while allowing them to retrieve their video data whenever required.

“LTVH is the only automatic cloud-based backup solution currently offered on the market to keep video records from CCTV systems for as long as required in an off-site cloud server,” said Elazar Hertz Van-Spiegel, founder and CEO of IL Solutions. “CCTV usage is growing rapidly and our customers are looking for ways to store all the data generated by digital video surveillance footage in a safe and cost-effective manner.”

“By using LTVH retailers can protect themselves against false lawsuits and increase their level of security and control,” Hertz Van-Spiegel added. “Every year, false lawsuits worth hundreds of millions of dollars are filed and owners have to settle or pay the full claim because they are unable to use their old video data, which hasn’t been saved.”

LTVH provides safe and secure storage for sensitive video data, protected from vandalism, natural disaster and human error. The system can store big data on the cloud for any length of time.

The new storage solution provides an automatic process that transfers data once a day from the client’s CCTV system to IL Solutions’ video cloud-hosting servers through a special dedicated device.

LTVH is an ideal solution for management companies of retail and commercial properties, property owners, country clubs, logistic centers, airports, city halls and many other organizations that need to keep their surveillance video data in a safe place for long periods.

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