solutionPageImgSpecial ACM Technologies

IL Solutions offers a special Alert, Control & Manage (ACM) system which records and stores live streaming video information from any CCTV to a remote server with limited and monitored web access. The client may define the timeframe for information to be stored on the cloud, and the quality of the video images (full-HD/ 4K or less, color/black and white, audio and more).

The system’s main features include:

  • Surveillance cameras with a variety of video analytical applications
  • Optical passive radar based on stereoscopy detection which can detect almost everything you define 24/7, with automatic target alert and in severe weather conditions
  • On-line remote cloud or off-site storage system for surveillance cameras
  • Automatic daily backup system for CCTV video data from your DVR/NVR to our cloud The automatic daily backup service provides “unlimited big data” video storage for extended periods of time on a secure cloud. Our cloud technology offers safe and secure storage for your data against vandalism, natural disasters and human error. The system is based on hardware and software, and works in parallel with your existing recording system.

Vehicles Access control

Our state-of-the-art system can control and manage vehicles or pedestrians with biometric face recognition or LPR. It can be integrated with the police Black/white list, or by taking a picture of the authorized visitors/workers/pedestrians. Identity details can be verified or searched for according to date stamp and/or location.

Solution Description:

  • Biometric face recognition
  • Documentation of entry/exit time of all workers/visitors/pedestrians
  • Speech recognition
  • Vehicle identification (weight-comparing, entry and exit weight)
  • Card Reader

Solar Powered Surveillance Cameras

We provide surveillance cameras which operate solely on solar energy. The data generated by the camera might be transmitted using 3G/ 4G/ LTE technologies.