License Plate Recognition

IL Solutions offers automatic license plate recognition (LPR) systems enabling quick reading of vehicle registration plates.

The technology has the ability to recognize license plate information from a live streaming video. It can convert the license plate from a video image to a binary number and use it as part of a database. The system uses infrared lighting technologies to take a picture at any time of the day and regardless of light conditions.

The data is modified to digital information and stored on a database. Based on this information, you can send emails or text messages, manage access-controlled gates and doors and connect to long-term video hosting.

The service is offered to law enforcement agencies, gated communities, educational institutions, home management companies, malls and shopping centers, urban environment control, parking and garage owners, toll collection, and many others.


  • Works with many cameras at the same time
  • High detection rate on visible plates regardless of light and weather conditions
  • Integration with third-party systems.
  • Distributed architecture – on-site detection with central reporting system.
  • Can indicate license plate from black/white list