solutionPageImgFacial Recognition

IL Solutions offers face recognition systems, which are based on black and white list of faces. Whenever the system recognizes a face from the database, it can provide several actions, such as pop-up alert, email or text message. The system can be connected to an access control device and has many additional features.

Tools to monitor and control businesses

  • On-line remote cloud or off-site storage system for surveillance cameras
  • Automatic daily backup system for CCTV video data from your DVR/NVR to our cloud. Our system is suitable for civilian, industrial or security uses
  • Systems that implement facial recognition capabilities
  • Systems that implement license plate recognition (LPR)
  • Standalone solar-powered cameras which transmit information on GSM
  • Broadcasting systems for video files on special antennas ranging up to 20 miles with no Internet, GSM or cable infrastructure
  • Secure system for backup and storage of video data from police body cameras for long periods. This technology has an automatic method of recording and transferring sensitive information on a daily basis from any body camera. We provide the body cameras, docking stations, coding servers and storage servers
  • Mobile CCTV systems for law-enforcement or municipality vehicles with independent recording capability and connectivity to control room, cloud storage or on-line viewing. This can be used with mobile LPR system
  • Security surveillance cameras, which can be operated by solar panels. The camera station can carry all the technologies that we offer. It may be mobile and moved from place to place, according to requirements