Long Term Video Hosting

IL Solutions has developed a unique technology which enables us to backup on a daily basis all of your CCTV data on our cloud-based data storage for extended periods of time. This long-term video hosting (LTVH) technology allows our customers to retrieve on demand their video data whenever required and ensures that they can access the data once it is acquired.

This unique CCTV big data backup technology is the only cloud-based backup solution currently offered on the market. Our technology provides safe and secure storage for your sensitive video data, protected from vandalism, natural disasters and human error. The system can store big data on the cloud for any length of time.

LTVH offers the following advantages:

  • Unlimited storage of camera data
  • Backup of all cameras video records
  • Redundancy as the info is stored in more sites
  • Affordable and cost effective
  • Improved control of the site
  • Peace of mind

IL Solutions carries out automatic daily backup. LTVH is an ideal solution for management companies of retail and commercial properties, property owners, country clubs, logistic centers, pharmaceutical manufacturers, airports, city halls and many other organizations that need to keep their surveillance video data in a safe place for long periods.

We provide an autonomic process that transfers data once a day from the client’s CCTV system to our video cloud-hosting servers. By doing so, we offer maximum security by keeping this sensitive information securely in a remote location. Upon request, a video clip of past data is offered at any given time. Our clients also have the ability to watch cameras in real time from wherever they choose.

Our complete package includes hosting, installation and programming to assure the full integration of all systems. To learn more click here.