Press Release

IL Solutions Reveals Off-site Video Storage Solution for Police Body Camera

New York, January 5, 2016 – IL Solutions, which develops state-of-the-art technologies and applications for surveillance cameras (CCTV), has launched a new encryption data backup solution for law enforcement body cameras.

The new storage solution offers a safe and cost-effective alternative to the limited on-site solutions currently offered on the market. The solution is a special version of IL Solutions Long-Term Video Hosting services. It enables law enforcement agencies to store any amount of data for as long as required in secure cloud data center storage. The system guarantees that whenever the footage is required as evidential scrutiny, it is available and ready to use.

“Body worn cameras create huge amounts of data, which cannot be stored for a long time on traditional onsite solutions,” said Elazar Hertz Van-Spiegel, founder and CEO of IL Solutions. “This information should ideally be stored in a central off-site, secure storage location.”

Many cities across the US started using body worn cameras without realizing the costs of data storage. For example, the city of Baltimore estimates data storage costs it some $2.6 million annually.

IL Solutions’ new storage solution is much more protected and economical then other solutions currently offered. The system allows automatic recoding, encryption and transferring of this highly sensitive information on a daily basis.

The system combines hardware and software, docking stations, encryption servers and secure storage servers. IL Solutions can also provide the cameras including features such as built-in GPS and night vision.

At the end of each shift, the police officer connects the camera to a charging station that downloads the information. One copy remains stored on a local server at the police station for one month, while a second copy is encrypted and sent through a secure network to a remote backup server. This makes it an ideal solution for safely storing video footage for extended periods.