Running a cloud-based service is a multi-faceted operation that relies on many factors from the integrity of the information uploaded to the tech support in the software. For a company to invest in your cloud based storage company, they need to be confident that it will provide to all their needs.

  1. Accessibility: For a cloud to be worth subscribing to, it needs to be accessible from a variety of devices, zip codes, and circumstances. For example, if your cloud can only access a portion of data from a smartphone and the rest only from a computer, it’s not worthwhile to pay for a subscription where the data isn’t accessible from all end-users.
  2. File-sharing: Along with accessibility, companies that use the cloud are often doing so to enable different individuals or teams to access information simultaneously. Having a back-up system that saves changes to data instantaneously is a huge benefit in a cloud storage company, making collaboration much more user friendly and saving time and money for a company.
  3. Tech support: One of the perks of utilizing a cloud based service is that IT is included in the package – so waiting for troubleshooting various servers should be a thing of the past. If your cloud-based service doesn’t have a reliable turnaround when it comes to fixing technological and hardware problems, companies will find out, and they will choose another cloud for their storage.
  4. Scalability: No savvy businessperson wants to make a huge investment without a promise of return. Having a cloud that’s scalable in terms of storage and price is a huge plus for your service, and will enable companies to utilize trial and error to find the perfect storage package they need.
  5. Security: Keeping important documents on one or two laptops was a huge risk for businesses, and cloud based servicing makes that risk a thing of the past. With a cloud, a company can access anything from anywhere, whether their laptop was stolen or not. That being said, a company has to be confident that their network will be secure on your cloud, and safe from hackers and viruses.

Every growing company needs a cloud that they can rely on – by providing these five services, you can be sure to engage clients year after year.

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