While trying to reduce overall shrinkage rates, companies managing logistics and distribution centers invest heavily in loss prevention using, among other things, video surveillance systems as one of their key security elements.

By installing CCTVs, the company can monitor and control at all times what takes place in its logistics center. While CCTV systems offer an excellent solution for preventing theft and vandalism, they often fail to help in cases when, for example, a dishonest employee is the one responsible for causing the company damage.

In the case of an insider threat, it can take time to catch the employee involved. The first thing loss prevention managers usually do is check previous CCTV records to check if the embezzlement was a one-time incident or part of an ongoing pattern.

The main problem, however, is that CCTV data is usually stored for only periods of up to two weeks making it almost impossible to asses past damage and obtain information about the full scale of the theft.

One solution is using Long-Term Video Hosting (LTVH) services, such as those offered by IL Solutions.

LTVH enables companies to back up, on a daily basis, all of their CCTV data on a cloud-based data storage for extended periods. The LTVH technology enables users to retrieve on demand all their video data whenever required.

It offers the following advantages:

  • Improved control
  • Ability to trace back procedures following customer complaints
  • Data is protected from vandalism, fire, floods, earthquakes, etc
  • Eliminates the risk that someone will attempt to delete or edit data

Since all the data is stored on a separate device, by using LTVH companies are also protected from a scenario in which the employee deletes the video files and another backup copy is kept.

LTVH can also help to provide evidence in a case when someone who claims he has been damaged in the logistics center falsely sues the company or in situations where the company wishes to explore complaints about recurring problems in a specific product.

The usage of off-site storage services is an ideal solution for companies operating logistics and distribution centers of all kinds and can offer loss prevention managers another layer of protection.

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