Management Team


CEO, Mr. Elazar Hertz Van-Spiegel, Founder, following his service as a Major in the Israeli army, Elazar is an entrepreneur, who founded and was a partner in several start-up companies that offered innovative technological solutions. Among others he was involved in theNweb, YAZAMeeT, 2donatOnline, E.T Gaming and more. Prior to founding   IL Solutions, he served as vice chairman at Effective Solutions, Israel’s leading business consulting company advising hundreds of organizations and businesses on planning their commercial strategy and efficiency measures.


Advisory Board


Co-Founder, Dudi Cohen, Retired Inspector General (Israeli National Police Commissioner) – is the owner and partner of Scope. Dudi has rich and proven experience in various roles, commanding and managing, in addition to core functions of policing, intelligence, operations and investigations. Within the last few years, he has acquired professional experience in the business sector as a company manager and as a complex projects manager of groups and of significant economic organizations, and experience as a partner in building innovative initiatives that contribute to society and its security.


4Co–Founder Adv. Ziva Agami Cohen, Retired police Brigadier General, has founded Agami Cohen, Sabag & co. law firm. Prior to that, during her 35 years of service in the Israel Police, Ziva held several key positions in a wide range of fields, such as operational, investigations and intelligence. In her last position she was the head of Israel Police National Fraud Unit. Ziva is a member in the Israeli Bar Association and holds an LL.B in law and an MB.A in Political science from Haifa university.


kobiCo–Founder Adv. Kobi Sabag. Kobi has founded Agami Cohen, Sabag & co. law firm. Prior to that, he was a specialist tax and economy prosecutor at the State Attorney Office.  Kobi holds an LL.B in law and B.A in Governance, Diplomacy & Strategy Division.